What is the difference between an 'upgrade license' and a normal license?

Looking to purchase some software licenses, just wanted to know if I would be able to take advantage of the 'upgrade license' offer when I don't own a previous version of that software?

i.e. if I download a trial and I apply the 'update license' will it work?


ussaly an 'upgrade license' means that if u pay a few pounds more you will get extra fetures or somthing along those lines.

I belive you would need to purchse a license first before upgrading?

What app are you buying licseces for?

No, 'upgrade' means upgrade from a previous version of the software (eg if you own a retail Windows XP license its possible to buy an 'upgrade' Windows Vista license for less that a complete new Vista license). To answer the OP's question, no, you almost certainly can't (ie you may get the software to work, or maybe not, but either way you will probably be breaking the EULA regardless). Have you considered OEM software? Thats often cheaper than upgrades and often is all you would need.

Well an upgrade license is normally from the previous version.

If you download a trial it will be probably be the latest version, not the previous version, so you will not be upgrading.

Note that the upgrade product may well check for the existense of a previous product so dont buy an upgrade license if you dont have the previous product as it may not install.

Check the upgrade license carefully, some companies allow you to upgrade from other companies products, to encourage you to move from competitive products.
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