What is the difference in lawnmowers

Found 18th Apr 2018
Can anyone green fingered tell me the difference between these 2 models of lwnmower please
Hyundai HYM510SPE
Hyundai HYM510SPER
Or could anyone recommend an alternative. Ideally wanted alloy deck as i find the steel ones rust out after a couple of years. Is the hose attachment to wash it out actually any good?

Any help is greatly appreciated
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The roller. Gives you stripes and makes it easier to go round non straight lawn edges

Nice idea that you can flush the deck. It will leave a puddle on the lawn or a mess on the drive
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2nd one is the same as the first but it has an 'R' at the end.
The more expensive one has the stripe roller and cuts a bit lower.
But the cheaper one has cup holders
One cuts your lawn and the other cuts your hair.
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