What is the fair usage policy of O2 mobile on there web bolt on does anyone know please?

    I have looked at their terms and conditions and point 2 says point 3 tells you how much usage (when it doesnt)


    im aware the fair usage policy on unlimited 02 to 02 calls is around 3000 mins

    Its basically unlimited . I'm on mine a lot cause facebook and its never off.

    i use over a 150 hours a month . I know i'm addicted . but worth the £7.50

    It's generally 1Gb. Unless you are downloading lots of files every day, you'll struggle to reach it.

    I get it free after I threatened to leave and go to Orange, on it all the time and they've never charged. Basically I think if you're not connected 24/7 you'll be ok

    The O2 Web Bolt On can only be used for internet browsing on your phone. A excessive usage policy applies and if your usage substantially exceeds that of other users, which is normally expected to be below 200MB/month, you will be charged standard rates for additional browsing. We will send you a warning text message advising you to limit your usage before this occurs and a text message to confirm when you are being charged

    = 200mb fair usage / at which youll get a text to say your going to get charged

    P.S for people above, anything normally described as unlimited is normally capped

    for browsing its ok but if your on youtube and podcasts then youll probably get through it pretty easily.
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