What is the key icon on the TTDS

    and how do you set up the cheats ??

    thanks will rep


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    and theres a disc icon??

    on different roms


    When you have a cheats active the key icon will light up. To add cheats press the icon that is a plus sign (+), from here click on teh cheats tab at the top left. Ensure that cheats are on for them to work.

    The DSTT uses Action Replay codes built into a usrcheat.dat file. A normal cheat.dat file (used with the R4 and M3) can easily be converted into a usrcheat.dat file using the R4 Cheat Code Editor and deselecting ‘encrypt as cheat.dat’. This makes the DSTT compatible with range of cheat databases. Using a cheat code editor it is also easy to add your own cheats.

    To enable cheats select the game of your choice and press the plus button on the touchscreen or press SELECT to be taken to the game options menu. Select to turn cheats on and then select the cheats tab or press right to access the list of cheats, once finished save your selection.

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    thanks anyway but didnt really get the r4 part lol but you helped me out with finding the cheats anywayz so repped

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