What is the lead time from cinema to streaming services (Netflix Amazon Disney Nowtv)?

Posted 3rd May
Does anyone know what the average time from screen to tv is for:

1. Netflix

2. Nowtv

3. Disney

4. Amazon

Historically, I have always found that Amazon are quite late in adding films to their library,

Ready player one was was on nowtv late last year and has now been taken off.
Its not on Netflix currently.
It is finally on Amazon. (see the deal posting which is already been given over 2000 heat today)

Another question: - why is Alita Battle angel taking so long to come to the streaming services?
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Alita is taking forever. I bought the digital copy over a year ago!
Depends on movies, but felt NowTv was the fastest. And Amazon are slowest. DIsney is in early day, but I expect future marvel movies to come first here then NowTV.
Ivor-NoReasonToCare03/05/2020 11:39

Alita is taking forever. I bought the digital copy over a year ago!

15th may it’s coming on sky/now tv
Sky cinema is the same timing as NowTV.
Apart from exclusives Netflix and the included with Prime stuff is after Sky as they buy the rights first.
Disney plus is the newcomer so we won't know until later, due to the pricing I would expect a deal after the digital sales in line with sky.
Vodzilla.co lists all releases due out the current month, just select the channel the releases X month.
Ready player one is on prime as of the 1st
This is all depending on who has more leverage (read money), and bureaucracy (contracts and copyright)
Supposed to be at least 90 days but due to current events this may be shorter.

Read this:
I've got NowTV and was wondering that myself, but by looking at the films that have been premiered in the past few months I made a guesstimate of 9-10 months. Having said that the new Star Wars is premiered tomorrow which is only about 6 months after it was in the cinemas.

Oh and Alita: BA is on Nowtv from 15th May.
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Amazon are slower because they take the highest bidder to show it first, bbc I player is the same. They have it for six weeks to watch. Then sell it on to other site. I wanted to watch sue perkins in India. But bbc took it off after six weeks, then it came on amazon but wanted payment to view it. Even with prime.
Currently you can get some right now to rent on itunes the same time they should be in the cinema.

so i am wondering if that’s going to mean the films will come to TV a bit quicker, or will they still be the same length of time & it’s just the rental part thats replacing the cinema.

Disney Plus plan to put one film straight on plus instead of the cinema or rental now because of this virus. Artemis Fowl. Makes me wonder if they will do it for other films too, I doubt it though I see Black Widow being digital rental only to make most money, if Cinemas aren’t back to normal by then.

it takes America roughly 2-3 months to come to digital, based on star wars tros releasing in march & their bluray in april, by the same token UK took about 3-4 months, again depends on the movie.

i think Avengers endgame came out in april/may in the cinemas last year & was on sky what December? So between 6-7 months?

sometimes then a bit longer from sky to netflix or the same time, it’s really hard to judge exactly depending on the movie and studio, I have seen movies end up on Netflix & think wow didn’t that just come out not too long ago on bluray!

since Disney plus is technically the new version of disney life, previously we had to wait after sky was finished with a movie, so for example when we had the old (disneylife app) we’d be waiting for the new star wars to come to sky this December then another few months after that, but now even in the UK Disneyplus the new star wars movie is due on there well..... today as I type this it’s past midnight on may the 4th, so if it’s not already on there by 12pm when we wake up it should be there.

I do wonder about Alita too, It’s a Fox owned film so now it’s owned by Disney, so I guess it was due for Now TV, my guess is it will end up on Disneyplus.
Surprisingly it’s the most faithful of all the anime/Manga to live action Movies, but was ignored in the cinema because people thought it would suck, that & it came out a similar time to captain marvel I believe.
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