what is the legal standpoint?


    I placed my 1st order for an item of furniture from a well known catalogue which had to be sent back several times due to items missing i.e. 2 boxes rec'd from 5, incorrect items being rec'd in its place and being charged for the replacements etc. We were offered a credit against the replacement order, which due to it being a complete nightmare I subsequently cancelled while it was still in transit and we never rec'd. Last month I checked my account and noticed we were £100 in credit with them as they seemed to have even messed up the credits. Now I've just checked and noticed we're over £400 in credit. Now they did offer me a credit to make up for the inconvenience, but I'm confused. If I order what are my legal rights if they try to reclaim?

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    This happened to me once but not on this scale, they didn't notice,but I would do nothing and see what happens, if it is still there in a month................sort of makes up for all those codes they wouldn't honour!!!!

    p.s. the legal standpoint you don't want to know, they own the money unless they have advised you that it is yours, a bit like getting a credit on your bank account. I think to legaly claim it you have to ask them to take it back and if they dont you can have it after xxx days. But who would do that ???

    ring or go to the local citizens advice centre they are very good and will tell you all you need to know, good luck!

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    Thanks for the swift replies. I'll wait a while and see what happens.

    They can reclaim any monies that you are not due.
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