What is the legroom like on a 757 Thomson plane?

Found 22nd Sep 2010
Travelling to Egypt so 5 hours (argh)with Thomson. Im 5ft 11 boyf is 6ft 4. Tried to get extra legroom but none left.I even tried to buy an extra seat but they want £300+ ie another person.Has anyone travelled recently on this plane?Oh my poor knees and ankles!!
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why wouldn't they want the cost of another person for an extra seat ?

I know how annoying!!What am I gonna do. Im starting to blinkin dread it
we got back last week the plane going out was a airbus long haul plane and same coming back but that was thomas cook
Yeah we had a long haul one from Greece was horrible still...
Go get them codes dude. You're gonna need them.

Go get them codes dude. You're gonna need them.


Go get them codes dude. You're gonna need them.

Yes I realised what you meant.....thought I hadn't had abuse off your for a day or so


Cheers for that!x
I'm 6.3" and know just how uncomfortable flying can be. You just got to grin and bear it and be thankful you're not flying to Singapore...
Yes; last March - it was a complete nightmare.

Everyone was complaining. I was OK, enough, being 5'5" but the 6'2" and the 6'3" to either side were crunched up and of course we got the only people on the plane to put their seats back right in front of us.
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it's horrible! i'm 6ft and can't manage to get comfy at all.wouldn't like to be taller and fly.
just keep remembering that it will soon be over and you'll be somewhere lovely and warm.enjoy your hols
im the same height just use your knees or poke your legs in the galley
or go 1st class
I guess I need to chiiiiilll.It is the flight back. 2am and we gotta drive to Swansea then
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