What is the main benefit of your Google speaker?

Found 25th Jan 2018
What, in your opinion makes your Google speaker necessary/worth the money?
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Direct line to CIA/FBI/MI5 ? Seriously, if you speak to your phone questions you'll make use of it.
My son gave it to me. Otherwise ..........................

Spends most of its life

a) listening to our drivel
b) being very useful as a multiple timer
c) used as a radio/music source

less owrried about the listening it does than the spycam in a laptop or in a SMART TV. Get a sticker out an apply carefully
I think most people ask it the time and weather, then wonder why they bought it.
We have Philips hue lights so that’s our main use. Good to be able to get in bed without going round turning lights and lamps off and just ask google
to do it
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