What is the points system for music exams?

My son answered the phone earlier and was told he had passed his grade 2 saxophone exam.it was a witheld number so we can't ring back. it is his school music teacher so we will have a long wait to speak to him.does anyone know the points scoring system and what they mean?


Do you mean the marking system?
The ABRSM exams have a certain amount of marks for each bit of the exam.i.e. each piece, scales and aural tests. the student gets a mark out of whatever it is, then all the marks are totalled at the end. i think it is 100 for a pass, then the more points a student gains they achieve a merit or a distinction.
Hope that makes sense.

Well done for passing

You will receive a 'report' on the exam with the certificate. comments for each section will be made.

Wow that sounds a really good teacher to ring and let you know the good news.

Original Poster

thanks for that, we will wait for the report.

Do you want individual score per part or overall?.My daughter has just passed her grade 5 and it was 100 pass 120 merit not sure about distinction but will find out tomorrow for you .Will get her certificate tomorrow and look for you.May be different for grade 2 as she had to learn and play 3 pieces which were 30 marks each think grade 2 was only 2 but can't remember.

Any way forgot to say tell him well done,stick at it my daughter says it gets easier as you go on ,she has just started playing the tenor as well!!
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