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what is the red salt in my local takeaway

Posted 28th Nov 2013
a bit of a random question which I would love to know the answer to,
In my local fried chicken shop you can have 'red salt' on the chips, the stuff is amazing but they won't say what it actually is or weather you can purchase it from somewhere, does any one know what it may be?
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Is it like piri piri flavour?

Is it like piri piri flavour?

no it's hard to describe, its quite sweet and very moreish, I know that's not very helpful sorry
I think i know what you are talking about, although im guessing various food places use different ones. BUT i bought something very similar to one that is used from Asda, i bought the Nando's one Nando's Peri Peri Salt, its really really nice! Won't be the same as you have had, but i bet you will love it xx
Chip spice, basically just flavoured salt, may be the branded 'American chip spice' or any number of own branded variants sold by the takeaway suppliers, or even a handmade mix.

The moorishness and sweetness will come from E621 monosodium glutamate.

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Is it anything like chip shake?

Takeaway's only use that in my area.
thanks a lot everyone this looks like the stuff , I googled chipspice.com and it seems cheap enough to give it a try, its the only thing I can think of other than trying to get 5 finger discount from the takeaway ;-)
Chip spice is big in Hull its known for it. Its got paprika in it.
Mmmmmmm, I love MSG.

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