What is the score with MW 2 online?

    Hey all, can someone shed some light on this one for me.

    I used to play COD 2 online alot, and loved the fact that you could choose the online servers and maps, but things seem to have changed on there with MW2. . .

    So am I right in saying, you cant choose the maps you go on, and is the only way to play is by clicking find a game and letting the game find you a server??

    Are these servers run by Activision or something?


    Think its just map rotation relevant to the games you are playing. Dont think you can specify which map to play.

    COD4 was like that as well though :?

    you can still host private matches where you choose the map and which team you want to play

    For pc users this game has angered alot of gamers.

    There is no dedicated servers, when you play a ranked match you join a random lobby with a random host with a random map, the majority can vote off a map but is then stuck with the next random rotated map (with dumb luck it ends up been one of the many camper maps that i hate).

    The game it self plays well and if you have a large group of friends is fun. private matches are all well and good but my friends like to rank up and complete the challanges.

    This game would be one of my all time fav's if I could use a server where the admin would kick obvious cheats/hackers and gamer styles I dont enjoy (campers/noob tubers).
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