What is the smallest space in which a functionable toilet, basin and shower can be built?

Posted 8th Jan 2021
bought a house, will get keys soon so will take around builders but just trying to understand and get some ideas on what is the smallest space the 3 can be accomplished.

the house we bought currently has the toilet seat separate and the basin and shower tub separate something like the image but just a little bigger.

thinking if it'll be possible to have the toilet, basin and shower in the room that currently has the toilet only and maybe adjust the door opening, either outwards or into a room to make it a ensuite.

doesn't look possible to me tbh, but still putting it out there if someone else has managed to get something similar done.

I've been looking at wet rooms and at one point was thinking of turning that into a wet room that has the sink and toilet but quite skeptical.

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