What is the strongest cheapest longest lasting aftershave?

Found 5th Dec 2014
Hi guys.

Im after an aftershave for work, I work long shifts, and get particularly sweaty =D, of course I wear deoderant etc, but I want an aftershave/edt that lasts as long as possible, and is strong AND cheap.
Joop Homme kinda fits the bill, but I hate the smell!
Any others?
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Buy a cheap atomiser or a more premium product called travelo.
They'll fit in your pocket and you can top up your sprays on-the-go.
Conventional aftershave does nothing for me as I live an hour from the nightlife - it's worn off by the time I arrive.

I top it up with cheaper smells - slazenger sport (green) which might be discontinued, adidas, or fcuk friction. All nice smells and great value.
sports baselayer might help
I find Diesel only the brave to be long lasting.
Why you want an aftershave, to mask the smell? Then get a better deodorant like perspirex.
you need an antiperspirant not a deodorant
try mitchum
works well for me after years of lynx AP started to have little effect

find aftershaves last longer too
Like others have said, it sounds like you need an antiperspirant not an aftershave. If you ask at a pharmacy they will give you something stronger. Remember to always dry the armpits thoroughly before you apply an antiperspirant or it will not work properly. If sweating is still a problem I'd see a GP.
Feel sorry for your work colleagues


A nice long bath at the end of each shift helps. Also change your socks and underwear daily. Clean clothes every day also helps.

Oh, sorry, I thought you said you stink!

Oh, you did! oO

Other than trial and error with antiperspirant then you really have to look into working from home.
A good scoosh of Garnier Minerals anti-perspirant in the morning should do it.

To answer your question though, Mandate, an 80s aftershave is really strong and very long lasting. I love it.

For a cheap aftershave try Bondagge Homme for men available online for about 3 or £4 pounds. Chemist direct is one seller. Or you can get it on e bay. It's a copy of John Paul Gautier. Smells like the real thing . Good deodorant like Mitchum helps with perspiration
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