What is the synonym for "Protection Adviser"

    PS. I can't use the word broker.




    Legalized protection racket?

    You answered your own question, you're an insurance salesman/woman

    heard some good job descriptions in my time,
    salesperson, as said by spoo.
    I will remember the title if someone comes knocking on my door offering me advice on protection.

    Insurance seller , insurance advisor

    Original Poster

    so, is average person will know what "Protection advisor" selling?

    What insurance services are you actually selling?


    so, is average person will know what "Protection advisor" selling?

    Sounds like an arms dealer

    No. Protection Advisor doesn't say what you are selling or advising on. Nobody will know what advise you are providing.

    As has been said above - if you are selling insurance say so.

    Spoo is correct. You're selling insurance, which makes you an insurance salesman / woman.

    call ur self a scam seller. bur really I wouldn't go into that business it's a sad reality that u end up selling unwanted or over priced insurance to get ur sales and bonuses through it.

    Original Poster

    ok. thanks guys for advice.


    I will be targeting British people and foreigners.

    LOL, isn't that a rather unfortunate turn of phrase?

    Ambulance Chaser
    The annoying PPI guy
    Nuisance Caller

    all good imo

    Jamaican Yardie?

    condom / femdom seller?
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