What is the tastiest spreadable butter?

    What in your opinion is the tastiest spreadable butter? I normally go with Lurpak on my toast, but fancy a change.


    Anchor for me.

    However im the kind of person who can really tell the difference so i alwasy have a butter dish :P

    Lurpak lighter

    I like Lurpak lighter too, at the mo we have Country Life lighter, it's not too bad.

    I know it's not really butter, but my favourite is Clover, yum yum

    Clover for me always!

    i love lurpak, stick with what you know


    Make your own, buy double cream, add herbs of your choice, and shake like a madman, 20 mins later = Butter

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    Yeah I know not exactly an important or crazy topic, but I don't tend to talk about my wild threesomes and drug taking on forums.

    Yeo Valley organic


    lurpak unsalted ftw


    mmmmmm buuutttteerrrrr

    lurpak, if not that then country life, anything else i cant stand :lol:

    Countrylife is a great alternative to lurpak - just a bit saltier. mmmm salt!

    get some kerry gold butter, put it in a butter dish and leave it in the cupboard, when its hard it doesnt spread but once its soft and put it on white toast.


    otherwise clover lol

    Lurpak all the way




    the wife got some the other week that had little bits of sea salt in it. was very good. but cant remember who it was from/by.

    Haven't had butter for 11 years now, hate the stuff!


    i never knew lurpak was butter.....always thought it was a blend like margarine

    M&S butter all the way for me :-)
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