what is the weather like in Turkey in Antalya end of October

Found 23rd Jun 2016
what is the weather like in Turkey in Antalya end of October
Just booked Ploma Oceana in Side
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cloudy till about 9 then sun
Here you go >> CLICK HERE
Its end of season but still hot! Probably a good time to go june/july is hot hot! We go in 2 weeks
It's weather, so predictions are difficult, but Over a week you will likely get a a combination of good weather and heavy showers in the afternoon. This proportion of sun to showers increases the later you go. Evenings are noticeably cooler, which can be pleasant compared to the stifling heat of August. Occasionally you can get a period of frontal rain which might last a day.
I recently had a holiday in Side, it's not a bad holiday place, it's very built up with a huge mass of hotels and not much else inbetween. Do go see the old colosseum by the harbour and the museum around the corner, entry is about £3 for both.

We also went on six boat trips all with different operators, and unless you really want to do/see something, I'd avoid them. They absolutely cram you in like sardines.

Also, take very little Lira, 99% of the places we went preferred Euro's. Also, expect to be inundated with Germans. When we went there were very few Brits.

Weather wise, it'll still be warm in the day time, but a thin hoody, cardigan etc in the evening may be required.
Thank you for your reply
Think its going to be a hotel based break
staying at the Palomma Ocena Resort
just a week away from the British weather
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