What is the withdrawal limit for barclays over the counter not ATM?

Posted 5th Apr 2010
Hi guys i just "bought" a car and need to withdraw 2300 for it.....will the bank let me do it over the counter no problems? Im with barclays bank if that helps
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I dont see why not, if you have the money in your account .
Yes:thumbsup: Only if your going to a very small branch or asking for cash in the tens of thousands you need to check in advance, 2 odd grand is not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things.
Yes they will.
I think you may need ID? Something like passport/photo driving lisence.
thanks for all your answers...i'll take me driving licence with me just in case. repped to u all!
take a balaclava and a banana with you .....just in case, youll be ready for any eventualities
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