What is the worst "Bargain" you have bought

    What is the worst "Bargain" you have bought

    eg:- chocolate fireguard

    well maybe not that bad but we have all bought some cr*p in our time:giggle:


    I bought a Unazunko (or something) decision making doll from firebox, biggest pile of pants ever even at £3.95, promtly eBayed it and made a small profit, so suppose I can't complain too much hehe

    I think in general though anything I have ever bought from firebox or IWOOT has been a big let down.

    I subscibed to Auto Express magazine when the 3 for a £1 deal was on - getting an auto glym kit free (nice deal you may think...)

    Thinking that it would make my other half wash the car, and shut up for 10 mins when he got the mags, then after the initial three I could unsubscribe

    Backfired in a BIG way because now I not only have to continue the subscrition because he likes the mags, not only put up with more car talk rubbish when hes read them (because I really want to know what generator topped the charts this week- said with sarcasm), but feed his very expensive new auto glym habit aswell- as hes now hooked!

    Hmm, might just buy a gag and a valet - it would probably be cheaper...:whistling:

    I bought a cheap photo keyring thing which could store photos - of course the screen was complete junk, similar to the early 256 colour screens when mobile phones moveed to colour screens. You could barely make out the should save me some money in the long run because I won't buy anything like that ever again.

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