What is this??

    Hey there, i need help identifying this cable:……jpg
    (click for a larger version)

    i think it's a satellite cable, but i want to be 100% sure before plugging in



    Looks like satellite cable to me! :thumbsup:

    Looks a bit big for a sat cable, although it could just be the picture...

    Looks like an SMA connector to me:

    Some dimensions would help

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    what's an SMA connector?…tor

    Is there any chance you could advise what this cable is connected to etc?

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    it's just coming out of the wall, and i've never connected anything to it (rented flat)

    It could be an F Connector (from a Satellite Dish), or it could be a connection from something like a Wireless Antenna...

    Most likely Birdy is right though. Check if there is a satellite dish on the building and if there is, you might be in luck to grab a Free to Air satellite receiver and get some Free to Air Channels...

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    i'm sure it's either satellite or cable, so it must be satellite from all your comments

    thanks very much for the help

    Well, cable does also use the same connection, so it might not be satellite (forgot about the cable aspect)...

    The easy way to check if it is cable is to follow where the cable comes through the outside wall and trace it to a grey box which has wires coming from the ground, if this is the case, it's cable.

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    Could be a co-axel cable? ntl use them, its a cable wire.

    Looks like a cable sticking out of a sofa!, Could be a bit uncomfortable!

    (looks like a cable connection!)

    Looks like a Cable cable or a Sat cable.

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    yes the cable is coming out of a sofa, it's a kind of electronic acupuncture

    hehe, i was just using it to hold the cable mid air
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