What is this controller and what can I do with it?!

    Came with a bundle I bought. Plugged it into the 360 and it isn't recognised.

    It is recognised on the PC - well, showed as installing driver on first plug-in but doesn't automatically work with COD4 - only game I tried.

    Does it only work on some games or do I need to use software with it or something..? Xpadder?

    Pic in next post


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    It's blooming huge!

    Oh nice controller too

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    It's blooming huge!Oh nice controller too

    roughly same size as xbox 360 controller - angle of photo and slim M1330 just make it look like a monster!

    But I wouldn't say it's nice - it's bloody ugly imo. But I'd like to use it.

    Not sure what its for looks like one of those old fashioned monsters.

    Good luck with it x x x

    looks like a xbox 1 controller

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    looks like a xbox 1 controller

    It says joytech on it though. I've just downloader xpadder and have programmed it. Must be a pc games controller then Gonna try it on a game now




    Assuming so if it plugs into the 360.......

    It may work automatically for a lot of PC games since gamepads aren't very popular but if you go into the control options and try rebinding a key, say fire, to one of the gamepad buttons then that should work automatically.
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