Laying shed base with slabs ?

Posted 8th May
hi if ground is solid and level can just dig say a 30mm hole, fill with sharp sand/cement and lay slabs or does it need hardcore underneath sand ?
all my path and patio laid years ago hasn't sunk or moved and is just on sand and cement mix but man6 people are telling me i should have a 50mm aggregate 10mm to dust compacted underneith is this correct ?
ive searched for 10mm to dust but cant find anything
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I can't say exactly but I believe when contractors lay lots of slabs down they put it down dry and level then spray water over the top so it soaks down and activates the cement, so it COULD be ready mixed
I laid my 60x90 slabs just on sharp sand directly onto soil end of last year, it has 2 sheds sat on it and no issues yet.

If you want to use hardcore just get mot type 1
If the ground is firm and hasn't been disturbed for many a year then just a levelling layer of sharp sand should do for a shed.
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