What is this on my laptop?

    the manual says its a port replicator whatever that is. can anyone explain it to me....please
    google left me confused :?…jpg


    Thought it was a plug to connect it to the base unit, ie use the cd drive/usb ports of the base unit whilst it's docked?


    I thought these port replicators are all but extinct these days. As USB and Firewire are fitted as standard on most laptops and they are much more stable.

    It can be used to plug 2 laptops together or a laptop and a pc together. Also sometimes used for portable printers as a parallel port.

    A port replicator is an attachment that allows a number of devices such as a printer, external monitor and keyboard to be simultaneously connected. Each of the devices is attached to the port replicator and when the notebook user wants access to one or more of the devices, the user simply attaches the port replicator rather than having to connect one device at a time.

    But as Scorpion points out, they're redundant these days.

    You can buy a thing with a load of ports on it for printer, monitor, network cable, etc and instead of plugging them all in individually when you get your laptop home and unplugging all of the cables at once when you leave for work or whatever you can just use one connection for them all... like so:

    lol, so it replicates the ports then!

    Original Poster

    thanks!! what a waste though. i have 4 usb, s-video, dvi, firewire etc. i suppose its of no use lol.
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