What is this please?

Found 18th Dec 2017
No idea what this is but may be something to do with tv?

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Is that half a picture?
Looks like something that would hold a portable aeriel , if pic is upside down ?
Looks more like a cordless vacuum cleaner wall mount. Not Dyson though
Give us another clue.... which room is it in and high up the wall is it?
Sorry could not edit photo, it has a tv Ariel and power socket above it
Bedroom and high up wall
Too hard to tell from your pic but possibly part of a cantilever arm that a tv was mounted to
Yeah, it looks very similar to the base of our TV arm. Pretty bizarre just to leave that bit though.
Yeah tv arm or antenna arm holder? 🤔
Haven't seen 50 Shades but as it's in the bedroom I'll have a look through the love honey catologue under Adventurous.
TV arm. We had one that would resemble this picture. :0)
Question is, why do you want to know?

Don't go sticking things inside it that you shouldn't...!
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