What is this Quidco all about?

    I might be a bit dense, but what is this quidco that everyone keeps on about? How do I get it, because it certainly seems as though it can save you an extra few quid?


    Another one that offers better rates and no fees is

    Beware, it is not as simple as people would have you believe. Most of the sites that offer cashback do so through the cashback links and quite often that price is higher than the normal price. You must double check to make sure using Quidco or Cashback sites does work out cheapper. That said there are some great offers avaiable now and again.

    important to remember to go through to the quidco, or other sites first, then proceed to deal otherwise it wont count. quidco does give some e bay cashback which is unusual. good if you moving house or getting new tvs etc as can save a few quid here and there for no real effort.

    Quidco take a fiver from your earnings though,Topcashback don't


    Quidco take a fiver from your earnings though,Topcashback don't

    Neither do RPOINTS,,,
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