What is your favourite sandwich filling?

    Are you a fan of the BLT?

    Is it cheese and crisps?

    Is it a sossie or bacon buttie with HP sauce that kick starts your drool gland?

    Or do you go for the exotic - Nutella and rum whisked up with raisins!

    Or maybe cream cheese blitzed with pineapple and pina colada!

    What is your favourite sandwich filling?



    Coronation Chicken and cheese slices

    My local sandwich/roll shop do a chicken, mayo, spring onion roll which is to die for


    Anything with cheese because i'm cheesy

    Ham cheese and mayo.

    I'm liking pickles at the moment, so ill have to say ham cheese and pickle.

    grated cheese, branston pickle smooth sauce little bit of spring onion on white bread yummy

    Mine has to be crisps with brown sauce mmm mmm mmm lol

    Cheese & Pickle

    Peanut butter and Marmite... Together!

    coronation chicken and sweetcorn

    Fried Onion Fried in Butter of Course! Yummy

    Chips and ketchup. Yum!

    on good crusty white bread,

    lots of palma ham with a little olive oil and balsamic to taste.

    first had it at a motorway service station outside Milan, I was starving after a long drive and it tasted fantastic. - still does.

    Mines, REAL ham (not the watery wafer stuff) and proper creamy coleslaw....hmmmm...getting hungry

    Tuna Mayonnaise & Sweetcorn.

    BLT, fresh ones are best from a sandwich shop with warm bacon mmmm


    Just tucking in to my daily egg on toast, just run out of eggs, will have to pick some up this afternoon,

    Sausage(hot or cold) with tomato ketchup in white.....

    you cant beat a ham sarny with chips in it!

    Fish fingers with tomato sauce on fresh white bread......oh yes! And a cup of tea to wash it all down.

    If toast is allowed, you cant beat shrimp, mustard and cheese. Melted cheese on toast though.:thumbsup:

    I love Pork and stuffing.
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