What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Posted 16th Dec 2019
I finally got round to putting the tree up, feeling festive at last!

Can't wait for the Christmas Dinner, what do you guys love the most about Christmas?
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Opening a gift from someone I gave it too last year.
Certainly not bloody flamedeer
Seeing my family. It's the only time of year I see all my family together.
The dinner, after that, the stress of it all disappears and you can relax and enjoy a tipple
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Spending time with my family.
When it's over! Bah, humbug.

Seriously - Merry Christmas. Hope you enjoy it.
Yeah that’s right Boxing Day, because you’re sure that Christmas is as far away as it possibly can be, so roll on Boxing Day.
Opening a gift from someone I gave it too last year.
The selection box for breakfast 💪
Getting on the plane for some sunshine this weekend. No hassle. Kid free hotel.
Spending time with family and watching my daughters excitement opening her presents
No work, eating/drinking/sleeping too much
The thoughts of Christmas around the corner gets me so excited.
The time off. watching all the Christmas junk on TV, eating whatever I want, sleeping in, it's all about having a break for me and i can't wait.
The look on my grandchildren's faces.
Boxing day
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