What is your opinion of non original laptop batteries

Found 11th Apr 2018
My old HP laptop needs a working battery, i am looking at purchasing a greencell battery on amazon/ebay has anybody used this brand.

Or could you suggest one that works well.
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If they are an official replacement for an original part that is no longer made then yes, if they are China specials they are more likely to explode or catch fire
How much do you value your lap.
benrobertsno19 m ago

How much do you value your lap.

It is 5 years old resale value without a working battery is about £50 but it works well, a tiny bit slow, HP, 4GB RAM, 320GB HD, AMD processor
I bought a cheap battery for my dell xps on amazon a few years ago the reviews were decent enough and it was covered by warranty and has worked reasonably well check reviews but go for it
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