What is your opnion on modern animation?

    Recently made a small blog on my opinion between a modern animated show (avatar the last airbender) and a more classic one (tom and jerry) and would like some feedback.…tml

    You can agree or disagree, I just want to hear other peoples opinions.



    Sod that, let's discuss the longest URL in the history of the internet that you just posted!

    I think animation has become too realistic and the innocent fun has gone. I like the old Disney, and Loony Tunes cartoons, but that is probably because of the era I grew up in.

    i dont like the new version of postman pat...

    Original Poster

    Ok yes it is a long url..........I am taking up too much internets and the tubes cannot hold it

    Maybe it could an age thing but most people forget that Disney which had the devil in it and killed simba and bambi's mother.
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