What kind of movies do you like?

    I was thinking how it drives me mad when I'm at my mother-in-laws house and we're eating dinner or something and there's a real-life TV programme on about an operation or something and not only can't she bear to watch it, she cant bear us to watch it either! She can't even watch a natural birth ( despite having been through four of her own! ) let alone a cesearean. I'm not into blood and guts per se but I found the emotional impact of watching a birth really interesting, especially when i was pregnant. I was learning, and it was interesting!

    I do like horror movies and psychological thrillers, because they interest me. Loved Hitchcock/Psycho/Poltergeist/Omen as a kid and these days films like "Descent", "Hostel" and "The Mist" are enjoyable in a fascinating kind of way. I really enjoyed the "Saw" series of movies much to my husband's chagrin as he thought they were terrible! He'll watch a whole movie with me and then say... " I KNEW that was gonna happen!!"... drives me crazy!!

    I like comedies such as Adam Sandler though it takes a LOT from a movie to make me laugh, ( though "The Evil Dead" was hilarious! ) My three year old loves watching Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Dr Who ( even the old doctors! ) and action films, like he loves The Transporter! I think he likes all the action and that touch of fear that keeps him interested.

    What are your favourite movies? Why do you like them? And what movies do you really dislike?


    Are you asking me out on a date?? :-D

    trust you sy!!!! lol

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    Are you asking me out on a date?? :-D

    LOL! Silly Sausage :-D
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