what kind of price

    hi guys im thinking of selling my wii but just dont know how much to oput it up for .It consistes of

    White Wii console all leads etc (still have the box too i think)
    4 controllers
    4 nunchucks
    Wii fit balance board boxed
    Wii fit game
    Wii play
    Wii sports
    Super Mario galaxy
    Mario karts
    Tiger woods 10

    All in good condition with boxes and manuals etc

    how much would you ask for it please???


    dunno, check online prices like cex for pre owned stuff - usually somewhere between what they sell for and what they would give you is a good guide.

    if the controllers are official and you decide to split when you sell i would be interested in a controller and 2 nunchucks

    You would be better splitting and setting separately to get more money. just sell the wii with 1 controller and nunchuck. Then sell the rest. You can make quite a bit for a controller alone and the mario games.

    for example:

    mario kart @ cex

    We sell for : £22.00
    We buy for : £11.00
    Give exchange : £15.00

    based on this you could get about £13 ish

    Original Poster

    thanks guys , think i may try that on here and split or maybe ebay
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