what laptop????

    hi there
    i don't know much about coputers just need to know what is the best thanks…SUK
    I love the idea of this computer just for the speed the processor it has…SUK
    Not as fast as the first 1 but i love the idea to able to plug it into my Hd t.v downloading HD films and playing them onto the T.V without using a DVD

    any help will be super thanks


    Don't know the site you posted the links from but (where I bought my HP laptop) have the same ]Q70 for £829 and ]R70 for £659.

    I'm by no means an expert but just from looking at the specs I can see.

    Faster processor
    Smaller screen (for gaming)
    More expensive

    Larger screen (for gaming or graphics)

    They seem similar in many ways. What you have to ask yourself is what you will be using it for. If you intend to carry around and can afford the extra cash i'd say Q70, if you just intend to stick it on a desk and may only carry it around occasionally then the R70.

    Just my thoughts though.

    Two very different laptops there in terms of size - the second one is a standard 15.4" model, the former a 13" model designed for portability (and power). The size difference makes a huge overall difference to how you will use and interact with the laptop.

    Any particular reason why you want a Samsung one?

    Best to decide what screensize\laptop size you want first, then what features you need (dedicated graphics, screen resolution etc) and then what budget you have so you can create a shortlist of models to compare.

    Also, whilst the HDMI port is nice, does your HD-TV not have a VGA input anyway allowing you to watch the movies?

    Original Poster

    There is no reason on having a samsung just like the style and i really quite fancy the fact i can download movies (HD-Blu-ray) and use the HDMI output port and play on my HD T.V and turn my T.V into some sort of monotor.

    My T.V does have a VGA input put my laptop don't have anything i could use apart from S-video and i have S-Video

    The other Samsung the only reason i like it is that the speed and style

    Thanks for ya replys

    what would be the best places to buy such a laptop as i have never got anything like this before on the internet
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