What Laptop?

    What processor and graphics card do I need in a laptop to do play the odd game and render video footage?
    I also need it to link up to a 20-24" monitor and still run ok.
    I was thinking of core 2 duo 7250 and an 2600xt graphics card, will this do the trick?
    PC world have refurbs for around £500.
    The laptop I have at the moment has a 3.2prescott p4 and ati9700 but the video footage is not good - it keeps stopping (I am using a toshiba high def camcorder).


    render video footage?, you mean as in editing etc?, if so using a laptop for this is a seriously bad idea, very disk and processor intensive which laptops fall far short of desktops on. prepare to lose your lappy for a full day to render an hour or so video footage.

    The same for gaming, you can do it on a laptop but the laptop cards are quite a bit less powerful than the desktop ones.

    A 2600XT should be just about sufficient for the gaming side though.

    The external monitor isn't an issue, anything will handle that (although a DVI connector is prefered over VGA)
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