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Found 22nd Aug 2017
My son going to uni and needs a laptop wants to spend a maximum of £300 not sure which to get or what specs was looking at a minimum of 4gb, 1tb any help, ideas or deals gratefully received, thank you
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£300 New honestly I would not bother at this price range its going to be slow laggy after a month and plasticy, at this price range go for a Thinkpad X230 with 8GB Ram and a 128/258GB SSD, second hand on ebay around 200-250£
I just bought my niece a Lenovo X250 off ebay to last her the next few years through college. Had a 250GB SSD and 8GB RAM. I added a 128GB M.2 42mm SSD and swapped the 250GB SSD for 500GB regular HDD. Re-installed the OS and bought an Office 2016 license off ebay. All for £310.

I spent ages looking at new deals and couldn't find anything that I thought would last 4 years. I went for the second-hand X250 because I have an old X201i that's 10 years old and that I still use today.

I think the best I found that was new was this... sorry it's not much help. Saveonlaptops
Thanks will have a look just worried that he will either get ripped off on eBay or he will by a dud
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