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    Not sure if this is right section but anyway here goes

    I've been looking into buying a laptop for under £500 with mid-range dedicated graphics/dual core etc but i'm undecided on the following ones, each has the nVidia 7600 256mb and dual core:…175 - $950.00 (£476)…114 - $849.00 (£425)…118 - $750.00 (£376)

    The nVidia 7600 would be perfect for my needs, according to…tml it's best suited for current games and below £500 they look good buys. I e-mailed the company asking about shipping costs and got:

    "Becabo Electronics is an offshore company registered in Athens, Greece with retail locations in Italy and United States.
    For a limited time, is offering free shipping anywhere in the world. There is no additional fee/tax for ordering
    via the Becabo Electronics Website. You must pay only additional fee for the money transfer. All prices are final and do not have any
    hidden charges. All packages can be shipped all over the world trough UPS of FedEx in 2, 3 or 5 working days. Most orders will be shipped
    within 48 hours of the payment clearing. Once payment has been received you will be notified of your personal tracking number."

    Don't know if i should take the plunge as the dollar is doing good to the pound.

    Any guidance/help/tips appreciated



    Most manufacturers are rolling out the brand new 'Santa Rosa' model of Intel Core 2 Duo processors by updating their lines. Over the past week I've read about 9-10 new models prepped for release in the coming months.

    This means one of two things. You could pick up an older Core 2 Duo with a higher spec for less, or, you could buy a mid range Core 2 Duo with the new 'Santa Rosa' chip and get a slightly whizzier machine.

    Definately check out 'What Laptop?' magazine for reviews of all the latest models to make sure you get the most for your money. They tend to do price bracket comparisons for top, mid and low-end offerings each month.

    I think it'll help you with your decision making.

    Incredible specs on those machines considering the prices, it really shows you how expensive Britain is.

    This is an absolutely amazing website you've just introduced me to my friend, guaranteed no import duty on delivery! Astounding! Thanks a bunch!

    Hang on, just looked at FAQ's and something has set alarm bells ringin on this site:

    "What methods of payment are accepted? Why do you not accept Credit Cards or PayPal?
    Due to excessive loss caused by fraudulent use of credit cards and PayPal, We have temporarily stopped accepting those methods of payment.
    Therefore, at this time we are only accepting Western Union and E-gold for new customers, and returning customers have an option to pay by direct Bank Transfer.
    We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding."

    Someone please give their views on this

    From Yahoo! Answers:

    We just ordered from Becabo - their customer service was very responsive beforehand ... but now we haven't heard back from them in a week ... and we haven't received our video camera. I'm not ready to give up just yet - but I'm definitely getting nervous. I certainly wish I could turn back time!

    Looks like some stuff disappeared from Yahoo! Answers. But good old Google cache. :-D

    Any negative comments on Becabo Electronics?

    Answerer 1

    On their website, it says their management team has 2 years experience in electronics engineering. They are a clearing house for other makes. They make nothing. I would avoid them.
    1 week ago - Report Abuse

    Answerer 2

    I made a purchace with this company yesterday. The website stated that they only accepted COD (cash on delivery) or E-gold. Not having any experience with this company or e-gold I opted for COD.
    TOday I recieved an email sting that my order was cancelled, with no explanation. I attempted to re-place my order, only to be told that egold was the only acceptable form of payment. This seemed fshy to me.
    I have checked better business and they are not found (possibly because the company is in Greece.
    Does anyone have any info about whether or not this company is reputable?

    Answerer 3

    not sure, but the address of the Italian location does not seem to exist for Rome, Italy

    Answerer 4

    They are an obviously fraud site, with "too low to believe" pricing. I placed an order just to see what hapens, with COD. It, too, was canceled, and now they only take Egold or Western Union.... no buyer protection.

    Dont fall for it, you wont get anything.

    Answerer 5

    This website is scamtastic. I was really hoping to be able to get a 1080p sharp TV for a touch over 1000 dollars but sadly its too good to be true. The link I've posted is to a forum post where someone did some good investigative work and found these guys are a temporary rename of an old scam site. For your own sake do NOT buy from these guys.…sho...

    Answerer 6

    The same exact thing happened to me. I ordered a Toshiba Satellite 12.1” Widescreen Notebook PC (U205-S5067) COD and they canceled my order. This place is a scam.
    What's Google's deal allowing things like this? My wife found two places that sold this computer and both provided no telephone number. If a place does not have a telephone number and doesn't accept any form of refundable payment that is a very clear sign that they are a scam.

    They say they're out of de moines now but I doubt it.

    Answerer 7

    they are a scam!!!! ijust sent then an email letting them know it. I'm sure they won't respond. they only respond and quickly if they think u r ready to wire the $'s. I checked with wetern union. u have to wire the money to there accountant. what kind of bull is that. according to my sources, there has to has 2 b a buisness name not an idividual. the compnay is overseas cause western union has no jurisdiction. they can't get ur money back. trust my sources. if u can get the word out.
    example: if you buy from circuit city, u make it payable 2 circuit city not Mike from circuit city.
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