What laptop do i need please?


    i am after a laptop which would need to allow me to use adobe photoshop, illustrator and maybe some other programs that are used for design purposes.

    would also want to use it for normal web browsing.

    ideally at least 80gb (i think?)

    def need a dvd re-writer.

    also, is it best to get xp or vista?

    please help!


    give a max budget and you'll get some advice...look out later today for new Dell deals.

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    cheers....... max budget about £350


    ] a look at this thread.

    Just what I was gonna say :thumbsup:

    I don't know how spec-intensive Illustrator or the other design programs are, but even the £327 one would handle your Photoshop, surfing and it's got a DVD ReWriter as well. Plus with Quidco it's only £313.

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    thanks guys
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