WHAT LAPTOP? Reccomendations Required

    Looking for a laptop for everyday needs, also needs to be able to handle the SIMS 3/ SIMS4 easily. Needs good ram and Hardrive and graphic for around £350.

    I am absolutely clueless and my local PC WORLD were no help.


    Found these, seem to be decent laptops for everyday needs. I am not too sure about whether they are able to play the sims 3 or sims 4 since I don't really play too much pc games myself. However, I do suspect that they should be able to do the job, since the sims is not the most graphic intensive type of game. But you may as well get an opinion from someone who has more knowledge of pc gaming.…662…994

    Both the deals madrid posted have an intel 4400 integrated graphics card, which can easily handle Sims 4 at a resolution of 1024x768, but plays relatively slow at the full 1366x768. You can find benchmarks for lots of other quite recent games there and find that the 4400 can play a reasonable number at lower res. The benchmarks were tested on very similar spec laptops.
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