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    I am wanting to replace my laptop with something a little more up to date. There are so many out there but am not sure what is the best to spend my money on. I don't have a budget as such but looking at stuff like the air mac I feel it is utterly ridiculous spending over a thousand pounds on a laptop. (Love the look of them though!)

    I use the laptop on a daily basis for surfing the net, messing around with photos I have taken, shopping etc but don't really use it for gaming or movie downloads so I don't need anything too sophisticated.

    I do, however want to have a nice thin laptop in a colour other than black, that is faster than this old dino.

    Any help appreciated.


    It depends is the not so helpful answer. If you are not technically savvy, then a Dell is what I used to use daily and it was great. I found the support from Dell to be good though my colleague did not on occasions. I currently have a Lenovo T61 and do not recommend them. It is a work machine and is my 4th in just over a year. However, others like them. I think if you ask 10 people you will get 10 different recommendations. Try to narrow your choice, there is a huge market and a big difference between £400 and £999.
    Do you need DVD Bluray or would they be nice to have? Do you need it to be easily upgradeable, what OS do you like etc.

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    Hi, I have a dell at the minute but it was a real cheap deal and is only the vostro 1510

    I am not bothered about blu ray and stuff as I don't use it for watching stuff or gaming.

    Was looking at this one and thinking it was pretty cool but then wondered if I could get something better from dell for the same money…-14
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