what laptop to buy, help needed

    hi all my girlfriend wants a laptop at around the 400 pound mark she likes the toshiba l300-1aq and the dell 1545 (seems like a pcworld only version of the 1525). just wondered which is best as i have no idea about laptops and cpu's etc etc any help would be great thanks. links are…ge=…073

    its mostly for word processing and surfing the net no major games as such or heavy usage.

    any help would be great.



    basically they are the same except the dell has 1 gb more memory, My dad brought this one a month ago and its pretty good, seems to be the right prices at the moment

    I'm a girl and I have the 1545. I vote that one.

    Dont forget Dell outlet have £100 off.

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    yeah saw that in the dell outlet but i couldn't see any there with the same specs as the 1545 and they didn't seem to be much diff in price
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