Found 22nd Jul 2009
Im looking to buy a laptop or computer and was wondering what ones you have.
Are they good. Would you recommend it? How much is it?
Thanks in advance.
p.s this is not a deal request so please dont move it to there!
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For me, it's got to be my Mac G4 Powerbook. It's nearly 5 years old but still looks like new. Never had to upgrade any hardware, nothings broken or worn on it, still looks stylish and runs very sweet. Its got bluetooth and wireless - even the keyboard is back-lit which makes all the difference in the evenings.

It was almost £1,000 when I first got it, but you should be able to pick one up for around £250-£300 second hand.

Had a Macbook Air for a very short time, but sold it to fund a car purchase....
My home made PC, which has gone through at least £2k's worth of parts so far in the last 3 years...

Gotta love "value for money" :P
A Sony UX1XN (4.5in micro PC), Sony TX1HP/W (11in ultralight), Lenovo X200 Thinkpad (12in ultralight), Dell XPS M1330 (13in), Dell Studio XPS 1640 (16in with RGB LED display, far better than other laptop displays), Dell XPS M1730 (17in DTR) and Dell Studio XPS (Core i7 desktop).

For smaller machines I prefer Sony as they tend to pack a lot more in but for my main machines I prefer Dell, they have a good range allowing me to get a machine which suits my needs, onsite warranties are normally pretty cheap, the machines are well built and they're easy to maintain with the service manuals freely avaiable from the Dell site.

i got a white one


and a black screen

Mine is another home built PC, it cost me £900 and is whisper quiet even when going full tilt (passive 4850!).

I do have an eee 701 which is great and I'd recommend the updated one, the 901. I'm not sure about the newer eees as Asus seems to have gone the wrong way making them bigger instead of smaller and heavier instead of lighter. That's a secondary machine though, you wouldn't want it as your main computer.



Yeah, I wouldn't recommend the iMac either. It's not very well designed and while the screen is good it's so reflective you have to be very carefuly where you place it to stop it becoming unusable.
acer aspire 6530g
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