What LCD TV to buy????

    Hi all
    I have just purchased a sony surround sound ( DAVF200 ).
    All i need now is a tv to go with it.
    I have a budget of around £450 i would like it to be FULL HD however i have been told this is not essential unless i were to purchase a large screen ( 42" and over ).
    Any help woud be appreciated
    I have had my eye on the Sony KDL37v4000 and the TOSHIBA 37AV555DB. Can anyone recommend these sets or has anyone purchased another set that perhaps i would like?

    Also do john lewis still price match? as i rang up CS and they said they dont anymore?:confused:

    thanks for your help!


    Buy a panasonic plasma, the picture quality is amazing.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Yep, avoid LCD (esp. Full HD) and put the money towards a half-decent plasma. You won't regret it!

    £450 isn't really enough for a decent Plasma TV but I'd agree that they are superior in quality of image to LCD TVs and that superiority increases with screen size.

    Full HD is a marginal improvement with sizes around 42" and is more apparent the bigger you get over that. Under 42" and you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference at all (unless you sit unhealthily close to the TV that is).

    The trouble is that the best quality Plasma TV manufacturers only have a very limited range on offer under 42"; the best bet is probably the Panasonic TH37PX8 from Tesco for £479.97 with free delivery here…spx

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies
    Is the TH-37PX8BA the same as the TH-37PX80?
    Do places like john lewis still price match?

    Ok after hours/days trawling the internet i have narrowed my search down to these sets:-
    Sony KDL-37V4000
    Toshiba 37XV555
    Panasonic TH-37PX80 ( TH-37PX8BA/B )

    I have mixed reports on all sets but i would like to have the sony set as i have a sony 2.1 system to go with it.

    PLEASE help

    PX8 contrast ratio 10,000:1, PX80 15,000:1
    HDMI inputs PX8 2, PX80 3
    SD card slot PX8 No, PX80 Yes
    PC input PX8 No, PX80 Yes
    Some other differences but none that are significant.

    Original Poster

    ah so the px80 and px8 are 2 different sets!!??!
    thanks for that :O)
    Well stil stuck and only got until saturday to make my mind up :O(
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