What lightweight laptop should I buy?

    I'm looking to buy a lightweight laptop and am not sure what route to go. A windows, chromebook, or macbook?

    Originally I wanted a powerhouse laptop. In particular, the lenovo g710 which was relatively cheap and sported a quad core i7 for about £580-600.

    Then I realised it's about 2.8kg and 17.3" which is quite heavy.

    My gf got a macbook and honestly, it's pretty great. It's 1.3kg, incredibly quick and thin and looks nice. I'm not big on the OS, but it's great for programming with xcode for iOS stuff. I do not like the rest of the OS, though and can't seem to get used to it. It cost £680 for the latest 13.3" edition.

    I was then wondering about an ultrabook, but they all seem expensive and still kinda heavy compared to the macbook.

    Then I thought about chromebooks, since all I use my laptop now for is going on the internet/torrenting/itunes/watching stuff sometimes. I can live without itunes/torrenting. But I'd like to be able to watch mkv/avi files every now and then. I store everything else on my NAS.

    That would be the other issue, how accessible would stuff be from my NAS? It doesn't transcode anything on it, so it'd need to be all compatible on the laptop.

    Anyone have any thoughts? My budget's about £700 max.

    I was also looking at these:…sen

    VERY good spec for very cheap and also pretty light. But it's by a chinese brand. The reviews on amazon are good, but the ones on google are pretty bad.

    Thanks for the responses!

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