What lock do I need for a cupboard door??


    I have a cupboard with two doors that open in the middle and need some way of stopping the little one opening it, I cant use a bolt as its no use.

    pretty crappy discription of my problem but hope someone can help,

    Cheers guys


    whats in said cupboard?

    What about just tying some string or an elastic band around the handles? Obviously you'd need to tie it in such a way that your little one couldn't get it undone but I'm sure they wouldn't be able to undo a knot.

    what about those plastic child safety cupboard locks?

    Try somewhere like Wilkinsons, B&Q, Homebase, Mothercare for childlocks.

    We got some which were plastic and you just screwed one part to the cupboard door and the other part to the side/top of inside of cupboard, think they were about 3 quid for a pack of about 8.

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    whats in said cupboard?

    Too many unmentionables lol....

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    Thanks guys, cant do the string thing as it only has a handle on one side as you open one door and the other comes opens with it, will goto b&q and ask them so I dont waste any more money on pointless stuff.

    yup, get a lock. then you have to apply a little force

    poundland sells a kit covers for plug sockets and door and draw clips too…e_4

    these bad boys are what your looking for!!!

    there is some on amazon aswell, dunno if thts the best price, but its got the best description


    in my opinion tescos do the best locks for cupboards, they are sold in packs of two and are about £3/£4. they are a loop type that you can put through both handles on the upboard doors and they have a squeezeable lock/catch at the end
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