What mac for music production??

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Found 28th Feb 2010
hey all, i recently got rid of my old djm 400 mixer and replaced for the djm 800 for its midi functions,

im looking to geta mac book to run ableton on it but dont really want to spend to much, can any give me and ideas, deals and info which mac book to go for???

cheers all



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anyone with any help????


What's your budget? Will you be using the laptop on its own or with a monitor. If on its own then you need the 15" MacBook Pro for music software I reckon, they normally have loads of controls on the screen at once so the bigger the screen the better.

Are you a student? If so then get one from the Apple website direct using student discount. Alternatively try this website - jigsaw24.com/ they normally have good deals on the older models. These guys often have some deals too krcs.co.uk/pag…ome

I use a 13 inch macbook pro (with the higher specs) and use it for high end video editing using final cut pro. I also have a 27inch Imac Screen from apple which I hook it up to obviously via MiniDVI. Works a treat - its easy to get to and from college, has the power to sope with the programs, looks great and has options to use big screen when at home in the study.

Id get 15/17 inch and not get the screen if your on a budget.

BTW, All the latest Mac Products will run this program with ease.

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thanks for the info, i would be using a mac book if i can get one for the right price, ill check out those websites asap, and no im not a student,
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