Found 30th Oct 2008
Just asking.

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someone on another forum i use pointed this one out to me

nothing made me, I just joined


already been posted.

I was promised free candy

numptyj told me to join to help me thru work, he gots himself banned but im still here!


My boss told me about it when I was after a discount for a Surround Sound system or something like that.....

stayed for the fun (and to decrease my work time boredom!)

i was promised no trolls

I really liked the idea of the community giving the heads up on bargains, alongwith that got a lot more besides, all the banter and the jokes and other peoples views very interesting!

held at gunpoint by a 1 armed dwarf



held at gunpoint by a 1 armed dwarf

but your bigger than them!

*stops and thinks*

oh I sea....


He Had A Gun Dammit!

i was tempted to join because of the deals. i then found the misc tab and... well im still not sure if i made a mistake or not

BARGAINS GALORE!! Was the vouchers initially, then stepped over to this side:giggle:

The burds. That and I dont have any real friends. Or a life.

i was promised 100 virgins :x .......... never had them :cry:

seriously, someone mentioned a deal on a speaker set for my pc, and linked to here (was an amazon deal)

i bought the item but noticed it had more deals so hung about, then decided to buy something while pondering the fs/ft thread, so i registered

now im still here ;-)

was just before xmas andmy pc was dying, tracy013 told me about a free pc deal if you sign up to net, linked me here, was the wrong link, she meant to send me to MSE :lol: but i saw the deals here and my kids ended up with so much extra for xmas!

glad i never went for the net/pc deal cos it went bust :giggle:

I joined to try & save soem money but it has cost me an absolute fortune!!!
What's the misc section? :?

Cinema freebies.......then I ended up posting them.......then I got dragged into I have an addiction and am seeking help :oops:

black gerbil1;3325703

spammed :)already been posted...

...about 117 times :lol:
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