What makes YOU vote a deal hot?

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Found 15th Oct 2008
What do other people think?

What type of "deal" makes you vote it hot? I see many deals that only apply to
Do people get carried away and their perception of a deal is skewed?

I noticed the Peter Kay single got a lot of heat at £1.99, yet surely this isn't a particularly good price for a single (and not a very good one)? Were people voting for it because they just enjoyed the program? If so, then why bother giving it heat when it's supposed to be the offer that you are giving heat to?

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Can. Worms. Open.

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Can. Worms. Open.

Maybe, but I'm just interested in what people generally perceive as a deal. Are they more inclined towards certain items than others? The above was only given as an example.

I hardly ever vote, cant see the point to be honest

i think its great, especially if its a product i need but im not too clued up on it, the heat helps me to make a decision, and all of the comments, tis exactly the same with people voting cold, always helps me as they sometimes leave comments as to why they voted cold.

I add heat if I think its a good deal - doesn't matter to me if I'm interested in the product or if its only locally available ONLY that is a good deal for the item. I only vote cold if I think its a bad deal or a terrible item (ie bad reviews).

I will vote hot if it's good value whether or not it interests me. Not everyone will like the same things but a good deal is a good deal. It's nice to give others a quick indication of the publics opinion. I rarely vote cold, would rather not bother.

I vote cold if i dont like the person who posted it.


Thought I was the only one!:w00t: Sometimes I do it when the other peeps … Thought I was the only one!:w00t: Sometimes I do it when the other peeps postin their comments tick me off! Shallow I know, but hey!:whistling:


i vote hot f its someone i know! howvere if its a lame deal and its someone i know then i just dont bother voting cold.... otherwise...local deals i vote warm/cold..pointless imo...sorry.... hot for genuinely good deals that dont require u to jump thru hoops!
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