What makes your life good?

    As above


    My kiddlywinks
    Seein there faces light up whenever i take them somewhere nice or buy them a pressie.
    Likewise for my OH.


    Being lucky enough to have choice and freedom. My friends and not having to work 9-5 (although I sometimes wonder if I'd miss the 'daily grind').

    My OH and my children.

    My beautiful children - every single day;-)


    Train Driver;5132641


    Oh yh and that too:-D

    my kids-probs most will say that but its true-I have 5 ranging from 24 to 2-the little one makes me smile every day-huge age gap between her and her brothers and sister but she keeps us young and on our toes!

    oldest is marrying his american girlfriend in june-with children something good happens every day!

    Mornin DLM x family, friends and sunshine with a sprinke of laughter

    The Children.

    my kids and my OH

    I don't have a clue half the time. :oops:

    Train Driver;5132641


    That. And sleep. Followed by more of that :w00t:

    i have a great job, friends, family and car but my partner is the one who brings it all together

    helping people makes me feel good

    My partner and my little princess and my friends xxx

    my 2 little ones and bump due next wednesday


    my 2 little ones and bump due next wednesday

    good luck with baby x x

    My kids, my hubby, my friends, my home, flowers, the odd drink, things of beauty, my escapist imagination x x

    Money + Mates on a night out = Win

    what makes my life good is the knowledge that my children are happy and confident, clever individuals, who's value far outweighs that of any material thing. (oh and having a sense of humour, makes the bits that are bob more bearable)


    Beer, women, and my kids :-D (probably in that order lol)

    Oh and great friends

    my two princesses and of course their father

    love, laughter and my beautiful family and friends. xx

    Perspective. Finding the good points in different situations and glossing over the less attractive parts.
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