What material is my spin bike brake pad?

Found 19th Feb 2015

Thats the bike I have. The brake pad felt (the bit touching the wheel at the top) has worn away, and need to replace it. Trying to find a big standard 'brake pad felt' replacement seems impossible, so am looking to do it myself. What material is usually used for these sorts of thing? Cant really tell from looking at. Cheers.
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Could it be chopped pork and ham ?
just buy more felt and glue it on. Don't use asbestos, it's not healthy
looks like high friction feltpad. best contact manufacturer to source replacment
You cant buy spare parts for this bike. They will only give them to you if you took out the warranty.

So is it literally called felt? Ebay doesnt seem to show much when searching for that.
Will this help you, if you haven't had a look yet.

Try here where you can see an exploded parts diagram and then possibly get the manufacturer to clarify / supply if possible.
Customer Helpline 0845 6000 464
expertfitnessuk.co.uk/del…asp <= you need to find this type of part for your machine. It shouldn't wear out that fast though.
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