What Mobile?

    Can anyone suggest a good mobile phone that has a decent camera and MP3 player but most importantly it looks like the dogs wotnots!

    Got to be on PAYG (Vodafone or Unlocked).

    Not N95 8gb as far too chunky - I keep trying to like it but it's too fat!! Also not the Samsung G600 as I've just sold one (I did like it but fancied a change!)

    Being a girlie i don't mind pink or different coloured ones!

    Looking to spend really no more than £180.


    what about a k800i/k810i easy to unlock yourself and will save yourself a bit of extra money

    iPhone for £169?

    Original Poster

    Have had a K800i and again too chunky.

    Am toying with iPhone but not sure........all i do is call and text so is it wasted on me?


    i have Samsung Giorgio Armani p520 if youd like 2 trade is very slim and a gd 4ne


    were bwts are the iphones for this price

    Carphonewarehouse had the 8GB Iphones for 170 quid I think it was.



    [QUOTE=Johnmcl7;1963590]Carphonewarehouse had the 8GB Iphones for 170 quid I think it was.

    hi is this on contract? would like pay as you go

    All Iphones are technically on contract however you can buy the Iphone in store for 170 pounds but not activate it when you take it home, instead 'jailbreak' it to bypass activation then unlock and use whichever sim you want. I don't follow the Iphone very closely so I can't really give any more detailed information than that, plenty of it around though and probably a big thread on it here in the main deals forum.



    cheers bud

    Nokia 8800 Arte looks and feels the beez kneez lol or a Nokia Vertu
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