What mobile has the longest battery life (calls or stand by)

    Which mobile has the longest battery life for either calls or stand-by.

    Its partly a curiousity thing and partly I was thinking about shoving a dual sim plug in that alternates from sims which seems quite heavy on power - so this seemed a good way to address it.

    Rep for every one that beats the previous best in either category, and it you know the mAh post it if you can too, obviously rep for funny replies too!


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    Actually - can you do rep now?!?!?

    Iphone or Desire.

    Oh...longest battery life. No idea!!

    Nokia E52 is my business mobile here, Desire personal one.

    Google: gsmarena nokia e52

    See for yourself, massive 1500Mah battery for a nice functional phone that depending on usage can go charging once a month.

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    My E71 has the same ?BP 4L? battery - and often lasts under a day!


    A really really old mobile phone like this battery will last for days…jpg

    One of the Tech sites did a test of phones to take on holiday for a week on one charge. Only one phone managed the weeks tests and that was a Nokia 1112.

    My SE 810i can last for approx 5-6 days on standby and probably a couple of days if i make a few calls/texts.

    Motorola F3

    If you have trouble with E71 i wonder if you are regularly in weak mobile strength (those bars are quality not mast signal strength) and so it drains the battery alot.

    Not the iphone! But you can extend the battery life by simple things like turning off bluetooth when you are not using it, turning off 3G when you are not using it (2G takes less power), again with the wifi, turn it off when not in use. You can lower the brightness of the screen, set it to turn off after a few minutes of use, lots of little things all add up.
    Also fully discharge and charge the mobile once in a while and it'll keep the battery life better.

    I guess there will be a trade off somewhere. What do you need the phone to do primarily?
    Are you just interested in long battery life or do you need specific other features as well.
    Have seen that you can buy extended batterys for some phones but these tend to weigh a bit more than the standard battery.
    Can also get things like a solar charger these days so dont need to connect to a supply in all instances.
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