What mobile phone contract shall I get?

    Help me get a contract w/phone.
    Has to have AT LEAST:
    400 mins
    100 texts
    That's it!
    OK so around £11 effective cost p/month-this is what I paid for my previous contract (w/cashback)
    18 MONTHS
    Phone price: FREE ? Maybe?

    18 Months... ?


    Only tescos do 12 month contracts & i doubt the tariff will be around £11

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    Hmmm ok

    Dont think you will ever match that, esp dont think you will ever find a 12 month contract apart from tesco as pointed out.

    iphone contract is £20 per month for 12 months - bu the phone is like £200 to buy

    You're asking a lot there, but if you want a redemption deal and you are prepared to stump up for a phone then 24 months at 99p for 300 minutes and unlimited texts isn't bad.

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    I pay £8.33 for:900 minsUnlimited textsUnlimited InternetLook at 12 month … I pay £8.33 for:900 minsUnlimited textsUnlimited InternetLook at 12 month sim only deals with cashback. Can get some decent phones for under £100 now.

    What phones-what site?

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    Changed to 18 months...

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    Any on 18 months?

    400 mins
    100 texts

    Decent phone around £11 p/month (cashback)
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